Fix a Leak Week: Save water, save money

Fix a Leak Week: Save water, save money
Posted on 03/15/2022
Sink being fixed.

Did you know that the average residence in the U.S. loses roughly 10,000 gallons of water per year due to seemingly minor leaks? Because of this alarming fact, El Paso Water wants to remind customers about the importance of checking for and fixing leaks during Fix a Leak Week, taking place March 14-20.

Knowing how to address water leaks is one of the best ways customers can save money and protect precious water supplies. Armed with some basic knowledge and just a few tools, most people can successfully repair leaks in their homes without needing to call a plumber.

“Many may not realize that even the smallest leaks can waste thousands of gallons per year,” said EPWater Conservation Manager Anai Padilla. “The most common household leaks come from faucets, toilets, and irrigation systems.”

To detect leaks in your own home, follow these simple tips:


  • Keep an eye on your water bill. If you notice a spike in usage, it might be because of a leak
  • Test your meter. If you suspect you may have a leak, turn all water appliances off, then go check your meter. If it’s still moving, you might have a leak
  • Test your toilet. Leaks can occur in your toilet. Test for one by putting a drop of food coloring into the toilet tank. After 10 minutes, if any color shows up in the bowl, you have a leak
  • Listen. One of the simplest ways to watch out for leaks is to listen for dripping from your faucets or showerheads and running water from your toilet


  • Check beneath your water heater for pooling water, rust, or other signs of leakage.
  • Check outdoor spigots to make sure they do not drip. Many spigots can be damaged during freezing temperatures.

Once a leak is found, fixing it may require you to replace some hardware, which is generally inexpensive and can be found at a local hardware store. EPWater has also created several how-to videos showing customers how they can fix simple leaks at home.


Visit our Finding Leaks page or visit the EPA’s Fix a Leak website for more tips on how to detect and fix leaks.

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