Frequently Asked Questions

El Paso Water received a $500,000 grant of Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Funding from the City of El Paso to assist low-income customers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The CARES funds are limited and will help customers pay overdue water bills.

Customers must meet eligibility requirements to qualify for the financial assistance. Applications may be submitted via mail, email or fax.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

  • You must live within El Paso city limits and in the residence for which assistance is being requested
  • Households must be at or below 80% of Average Median Income for El Paso.
  • You must have an active and verifiable residential account with El Paso Water
  • You must demonstrate a loss of income directly related to COVID-19
  • You must not be receiving any other assistance for the payment of your water utility bill from any other private or public source

What do I need to show for income eligibility?

You will need to complete the income details within the application that includes information on income earners in the household and sources of income. We are also requesting relevant documentation.

What do I need to show to demonstrate loss of income during COVID-19?

We will accept several types of official documents, such as layoff or furlough notice, verification of unemployment filing, letter from employer (on letterhead) or letter from Workforce Solutions.

What is the deadline to submit the application?

We expect to be taking applications for a few months, but funding is limited. Note: The latest we will accept applications is November - if the funds last that long.

Can you help me complete the application?

We can provide some limited assistance over the phone. If you have a disability and need assistance with the application, please let us know. Our Customer Service Center is closed to the public because of the pandemic and are not able to offer in-person services.

How quickly will my account be credited after I submit the application?

Depending on volume of applications received, it may take several weeks for applications to be reviewed for eligibility. However, once there is an eligibility determination, it will only be a matter of days before, approval and for the credit to appear in your account. All customers will be notified whether or not they are approved. If you have not heard anything after a month, send an email inquiry to

Am I at risk of disconnection if I still have a balance on my bill after the credit is applied?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to establish and stick to a payment plan to avoid risk of disconnection.

How much utility assistance is available for each customer?

Each customer who qualifies may get a credit that covers up to three months of service to help with overdue balances. Depending on water usage, it may differ from one customer to the next. The maximum allowable credit is $500.

My spouse lost his/her job because of COVID-19, but I am the account holder. Can I qualify?

Yes. Documentation is required for loss of household income. We would need to see an address on the documentation that is the same as the account address.

I was sick with COVID-19. Can I qualify for assistance?

We are happy you are recovering. If you were quarantined or in the hospital, and this contributed to loss of income, you may very well qualify for assistance, assuming you meet the eligibility criteria and have the appropriate documentation.

I have remained employed, but I had a major loss in tips. Will that qualify?

If you can document a loss of income, you can qualify assuming you meet the eligibility requirements. (For example, you may submit copies of your pay stubs or a letter from your employer on company letterhead acknowledging the decrease of tips.)

I'm a customer of the County (or of other provider). Can I apply for assistance?

No. The funding that El Paso Water received is for in-city residents that have direct accounts with El Paso Water.

Project Amistad provided credit for a portion of my water bill, but I still have an overdue balance. Can I also apply for assistance through EPWater?

No. Once you have accepted water utility assistance under the city's grant program, the rules prohibit additional assistance for the same service.

If there is not enough room to list all household members or household earners on the application, what should I do?

Please document the additional householder members and/or household earners on a separate sheet and include it as an attachment to the application.

Why do I need to provide gender, race and/or ethnicity?

Because the customer assistance funding comes from a federally-funded grant, we are required to collect and track this information. This information must be filled out for the application to be considered complete.

Will EPWater ever call me to collect overdue payments?

For those with high past due balances, EPWater may contact you to discuss payment plan options. The call will come from (915) 594-5500. We will not ask for your personal information, and we will verify your account number first.

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