Pipeline Protection Projects

Water Transmission Main Replacements at Gas Line Crossings

To help minimize the likelihood of water main breaks, El Paso Water is proactively replacing metal water mains which cross major gas pipelines in East El Paso.

The replacement is necessary because gas pipelines use corrosion protection systems which run an electrical current through the gas pipeline. This helps fight off the corrosive chemical makeup of El Paso’s soil. Over time, exposure to that electrical charge from nearby gas lines can increase the chance of corrosion in the metal water mains, therefore increasing the chance of a break.

Rather than waiting until a water main breaks, EPWater is replacing portions of five critical metal water mains with high strength plastic which is resistant to corrosion. Work is scheduled to take place at the locations shown below:

Pipeline protection map

Minimizing traffic impacts

Many of the water mains cross gas lines along busy roadways in East El Paso. To minimize traffic impacts from construction, all five crossings won't be under construction at once. Instead, work will be phased during 2023 and 2024.

However, if you drive along any of the roadways shown above while construction is taking place, you should expect lane closures and temporary detours.

  1. Lee Trevino Drive at Vista del Sol Approximately 450 feet of one water main and approximately 100 feet of another water main running under the northbound lanes of Lee Trevino between Armour and Vista del Sol will be replaced.
  2. Yarbrough Drive at Kinross: Approximately 450 feet of large diameter water main running under the northbound lanes of Yarbrough and between Kinross and Jetrock will be replaced. Approximately 180 feet of smaller diameter water main will be installed under the southbound lanes of Yarborough starting at Kinross going North
  3. Lee Trevino Drive at Pebble Hills: Approximately 400 feet of one water main running under the northbound lanes of Lee Trevino will be replaced.
  4. Viscount Boulevard at Airway: Approximately 450 feet of two water mains running under the westbound lanes of Viscount west of Belrose and crossing under the northbound lanes of Airway will be replaced. 
  5. Yarbrough Drive at Vista del Sol:  Approximately 500 feet of a large diameter water main running under the northbound lanes of Yarborough will be replaced and 500 ft of small diameter water main will be installed under the northbound lanes of Yarbrough. Approximately 550 ft of a large diameter water main will be replaced under the south bound lanes of Yarborough.

Staying up to date on construction impacts

If your home or business is immediately adjacent to any of the work areas, you’ll receive a door hanger or other notification before work  begins in your area.  You can stay up to date on the construction of this project by following the project page on Facebook. Using the form at the bottom of this page, you can also sign up for the project newsletter to get updates delivered directly to your inbox.

More about this project

El Paso Water is committed to taking proactive steps to ensure the resiliency of our water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure. By making these replacements now, we significantly lessen the risk of water main breaks. This is especially important because the pipelines selected for this project serve large portions of the eastside. Consequently, an unexpected break would impact many customers. This project represents an $11 million investment in El Paso’s water infrastructure.

Will water service be interrupted as part of this project?

EPWater anticipates minimal interruptions in service related to the completion of this project.

What else is included in this project

In addition to replacing the water mains, EPWater will replace any pavement, sidewalks, curbs, or gutters which are disturbed by this project. Any landscaping which is removed for construction will be replaced as well.

February 15, 2023 meeting presentation (pdf)
August 11, 2023 meeting presentation (pdf)
December 4, 2023 meeting presentation (pdf)
December 11, 2023 meeting presentation (pdf)

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