Service Line Warranty Program

If you have a leak or break in the water or wastewater lines on your home property (also called service lines), the utility often receives requests to fix those lines. However, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to pay for any line repairs on your property. A repair to service lines may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  We know this can put homeowners in a financial bind. A service line warranty option is now available for customers who want to reduce the potential financial burden of such repairs.  

Service Line Warranty Program

Service Line of Americas logoEl Paso Water has arranged for Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) to offer optional Exterior Water Service Line Coverage and Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Coverage to EPWater customers who are El Paso homeowners. Optional plans from SLWA can help protect you from the potentially expensive repair costs of water and sewer lines inside and outside your home.

How EPWater is involved

  • A letter from SLWA was sent to customers with the approval of EPWater. The utility does not endorse the program, but wants to make you aware of the option to protect your home.
  • SLWA paid for all costs associated with the letters and mailings.
  • We encourage you to view SLWA’s terms and conditions before you enroll at or call 855-336-2465
  • SLWA will establish and donate to a “pro bono fund” to aid EPWater customers in need of assistance to cover the cost of repairs.

Benefits of the SLWA program

  • Many homeowner insurance options require a deductible. SLWA does not.
  • Coverage limits are often higher than homeowner insurance options.
  • Coverage includes replacement of public streets/sidewalks.
  • A contractor from a vetted network will complete repairs.

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