EPWater honors Customer Service champions

EPWater honors Customer Service champions
Posted on 10/07/2022
Utility Field Customer Service Worker Manny Puentes urges a customer to email her billing question for a quicker response.

Nothing brings El Paso Water’s Customer Service team more satisfaction than helping others.

Even in challenging situations, Customer Service employees value making connections with customers to resolve  issues and concerns. For an abundance of patience and a willingness to provide assistance and go the extra mile, EPWater honored its dedicated Customer Service professionals during Customer Service Week on Oct. 3-7.

Commitment to excellence

Every year, Customer Service supervisors show their appreciation for employees on the frontlines who work hard to serve and support the utility’s thousands of customers daily.

“Even if it’s not Customer Service Week they always do something for us, no matter how small it is,” said Customer Service Representative Peter Garibay. “This is the first job where I have seen so much recognition in the short time I have been here versus many years in my previous workplace. It helps with morale, and it’s very important to me.”

Handling thousands of calls per week, EPWater’s Customer Service employees don’t work at a typical call center. Currently, about 30 employees are assigned to field calls coming in from all over the county. Callers’ requests run the gamut – start/stop requests for water service, billing issues, balance and account information.

“That’s one of things customers don’t understand when they hear we have a call center,” said Jessica Jimenez, Utility Customer Service Quality Assurance and Training Specialist. “They think hundreds of employees are here answering phone calls.”

Culture of family

El Paso Water's Customer Service employees in the call center handles thousands of calls per week. Some of the staff is shown. This is a workplace where employees are quick to offer support to fellow team members who they also call family.   

“We encourage and look out for each other,” said Utility Call Center Supervisor Joe Loya.

Rounding out the Customer Service team are Utility Field Customer Service Workers, Utility Field Customer Service Inspectors and Meter Readers who also serve on the customer frontlines. While out on El Paso’s streets, these employees are routinely approached by customers often asking questions about their bills or leaks. 

“I enjoy the independence of being out in the field and troubleshooting for customers,” said Utility Field Customer Service Worker Manny Puentes, adding good customer service is important. “I want every customer to know: I acknowledge you, you are important and your troubles do matter to us at El Paso Water.”  

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