Water Quality

At El Paso Water, we place the highest value on safe drinking water. Our employees work around the clock to treat and monitor water for substances and qualities that affect safety, taste, odor, and appearance – all so you can trust your tap.

Testing ensures that water meets or goes beyond compliance with state and federal standards. Highly-trained specialists collect 45,000 samples from water treatment plants and perform 375,000 tests annually at our accredited International Water Quality Lab. Tests detect substances at the parts-per-trillion level and include metals, microbiological components, water quality compounds and organic substances.

We take pride in the water we serve to the community – we’re customers, too! 


Curious about your water?

You don't have to wonder about the quality of your water. Click the links below and visit our Water Quality FAQ page for more information. If you have further questions or concerns about your water quality, you can also call our International Water Quality Laboratory at 915-594-5733.

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