Reclaimed Water Regulatory Requirements

Texas State Regulations, as well as Public Service Board Regulation No. 12, require compliance with PURPLE color coding — specific to reclaimed water. Modifications to the irrigation system may also be required to comply with state regulations.

All irrigation system pipeline used for reclaimed water must be in the color purple (Pantone 521 or 525). Above-ground water faucets and quick-couplers must be enclosed in a lockable device. All irrigation valves must be in a purple locking box. Consult with your irrigation system supplier for availability of reclaimed water (purple) fittings such as rotor and sprinkler head caps, emitter tips, pipe, quick-coupler caps, valve box covers, etc.

Warning signs

All sites using reclaimed water (residential, commercial, parks, schools, cemeteries, etc.) must have reclaimed water warning-signs posted within the premises, as required by the state and PSB regulations.

Warning signs must be on purple-color background with white or yellow lettering in English and Spanish.

The size must be adequate to provide easy visibility to visitors but no less than 12x24 inches. Residential customers may install smaller signs, but these may not be smaller than 8x8 inches.

The number of signs needed is based on the size of the property, the number of access points (entrances) and how many people access the site.

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