WaterWise Business Rebate Program

The intent of El Paso Water’s WaterWise Business Rebate Program is to facilitate long-term water efficiency gains through a cooperative program between EPWater and area businesses and institutions. To be considered for the rebate program, customers must meet certain criteria and demonstrate water savings potential. Funding is subject to an approval process, and projects with the highest verifiable annual water savings will be given priority. 

Program guidelines

Through this program, businesses may receive site-specific rebates towards the cost of new equipment and processes that conserve water at existing facilities. Customers must calculate and provide backup for potential water savings. The rebate is available to direct EPWater commercial customers that have been in operation at a given location for a minimum of one year. Rebates will cover 50% of equipment cost with a maximum rebate amount of $15,000. 

While the rebate amount is based on equipment and material cost, other pertinent information is also required in the application. The customer is responsible for providing information related to life of the equipment and estimated verifiable yearly water savings and comparing current equipment water usage to estimates for new equipment water usage. Proposed projects resulting in the highest verifiable amount of yearly water savings will be given priority.

For businesses that apply and are selected to receive the rebate, an agreement with El Paso Water must be signed prior to equipment/materials purchase. Upon completion of signed agreement, businesses have four months to complete projects, and submit itemized paid-in-full receipts with vendor contact and payment information.  

Examples of eligible projects

  • Replacement of water-cooled equipment with new air-cooled equipment
  • Implementation of smart water management systems for irrigation
  • Drought tolerant landscape replacement
  • Replacement of inefficient toilets and fixtures
  • Air conditioning condensate capture and reuse
  • Cooling tower modifications
  • Elimination of water intensive industrial processes
  • Industrial laundry equipment upgrades
  • More efficient reverse osmosis units
  • Friction type car wash equipment
  • Any other equipment investment that reduces water use

Eligibility limits

  • Commercial accounts must be connected to EPWater potable water distribution system for the past twelve consecutive months from the date of application at current location.
  • Accounts must be in good standing, up to date with payments for water, and in compliance with all water related regulations.
  • Accounts may not have any watering violations notices within the last 5 years.

How to apply

  • Fill out the application.
  • Send project proposals and application to EPWater for approval before starting the project.
  • Provide project overview including details such as the expected cost, estimated equipment life, estimated yearly water savings in gallons, methods used to calculate water savings, and project timeline.
  • Pay careful attention to requirements and timeline of the program. Each project requires time for review and approval.
  • EPWater will conduct a pre-installation visit to photograph current equipment or processes and a post-installation visit to photograph new equipment or processes.
  • Written notification of the project approval will include a memorandum of agreement with terms of the rebate.
  • Program policies and procedures are subject to change.

When private property owners, including homeowners and businesses, receive water conservation rebates, they may be required to pay taxes on the rebate. EPWater will provide an IRS Form 1099 to recipients of rebates. Please consult your tax advisor.


Who is eligible to apply?

Any direct El Paso Water commercial customer that has had service for the past twelve consecutive months from the date of application at current location.

How much rebate funding is available?

Eligible customers can receive up to a $15,000 rebate to purchase long-term water- efficient equipment or perform process upgrades, subject to approval and availability of funds.

How will rebates be prioritized?

Proposed projects resulting in the highest verifiable amount of yearly water savings will be given priority. The customer is responsible for providing projected yearly water savings on any project. EPWater will review the project information and request additional information, if necessary, to make a final determination.

Can funding be approved for a project that has already started or finished?

No. Applications must be submitted and approved before beginning any project to be eligible for a rebate.

How is the rebate amount calculated?

Rebates will cover 50% of equipment costs or up to the maximum rebate amount of $15,000, but EPWater will only cover equipment, materials or process upgrade costs.

When are funds received?

Funds will be disbursed approximately 6-8 weeks after all required documentation is submitted and EPWater performs a post-installation visit to photograph new equipment or processes.

If approved, is there a time limit to completing the project?

Business will have four months from the date on the letter of intent to complete projects. Extensions to complete work may be granted upon approval.

What if an application is denied?

Applications will be denied if information is missing or incomplete. Be sure to submit all documents listed in the application checklist, fully describe the project, and provide projected water savings based on documentation.

If denied, can applications be re-submitted?

Yes, if the application was denied due to missing or invalid information, customers may re-apply.

Can more than one rebate be approved for the same account or owner?

Yes, a maximum combined rebate amount of $15,000 is allowed per account, owner or management company per fiscal year (Based on equipment and material cost only. Installation and taxes not included).

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