Lead Awareness

Protecting public health is a priority for El Paso Water. In fact, our drinking water system is rated superior by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

When drinking water leaves our treatment plants it is free of lead. However, there is a risk that plumbing materials made with lead will corrode and affect our drinking water quality. This includes pipes buried in the ground, home plumbing, solder, and fixtures.

As part of ensuring superior water quality, El Paso Water implements corrosion control strategies to maintain high-quality water as it travels through pipes to your home. EPWater also conducts over 370,000 tests annually to ensure our drinking water is safe.

El Paso Water monitors lead levels throughout our systems. In older homes (pre-1989), lead may have been used in some plumbing fixtures. Very low levels of lead have been detected in some older homes, but levels were well below limits set by the EPA.

EPA updated rules on lead

All public water systems must comply with updated federal regulations related to lead starting in October of 2024. All utilities must complete an inventory for every service connection and document the existing pipe material for both utility and customer owned portions of the service line (from the meter to your home or business). Customers should also be aware:

  • EPWater is currently conducting an inventory of service line materials on both sides of the meter, and results will be available at epwater.org in October of 2024.
  • Customers with service lines classified as lead or “galvanized requiring replacement”, or unknown, will receive a notice in November of 2024.
  • Replacements may be required.

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