Commercial Plumbing Requirements

For our desert city to thrive, efficient water use is vital. Commercial and industrial customers must adhere to El Paso's plumbing codes.

Lawn Irrigation Systems

Lawn irrigation system.jpg

Where chemicals are introduced into the system, the potable water supply shall be protected against backflow by a reduced pressure principle backflow-preventer.

Condensate and Evaporative Cooler

Condensate and Evaporative Cooler.jpg Waste from evaporative coolers’ automatic water draining systems and condensate from air conditioner units, when approved by the building official, shall discharge into the building drainage system through an indirect waste line, except such waste may be directly connected to a lavatory tailpiece or to an approved accessible inlet on a bath tub overflow when the connection is located in an area controlled by the same person or entity controlling the space served by the evaporative cooler or discharged so that the effluent is used for watering landscaping or other vegetation.

Sand Traps

Sand and similar interceptors or traps for heavy solids shall have a water seal of not less than six inches. Traps shall have a minimum of two compartments. Each compartment shall be a minimum of 30 inches by 30 inches with a minimum depth of three feet, covered with a removable grating that will allow the free entrance of waste. Trap walls and bottom shall be of concrete made watertight.
Exception: Sand traps are not required in commercial facilities containing less than 4 washing machines.

In 2016, the City of El Paso adopted the 2015 International Plumbing Codes.

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