Construction Projects

We are El Paso Water, and we are growing by leaps and bounds. Part of dealing with that growth includes working on infrastructure and construction projects. There are 2,653 miles of water lines in El Paso. Our construction projects include continual upgrades, rehabilitation and expansions to our water, wastewater, reclaimed water and stormwater systems.

Public Notice(s):
Sometimes, construction may cause traffic disruptions or other inconveniences. Please give yourself extra time and be patient as we work to improve our systems. For construction and service updates in your area, sign up at

Water Wastewater Reclaimed Water Stormwater Facilities

Water Projects

Montana Cured-in-place Pipeline Project

Start Date – April 2024
Completion Date – Fall 2024
Construction Cost – $13,000,000
Description – Rehabilitation of 12-inch cast iron waterline that was installed in the 1950s along Montana Avenue from Casa Lane to Airway Boulevard. Cured-in-place pipe is a trenchless rehabilitation method used to repair existing pipes. A new tubing liner is inserted into the existing pipe, cured and hardens in place extending the lifespan of the existing pipe up to 50 years through a less disruptive and more efficient construction process. 

Lawton and Prospect Waterline Loop

Start Date – March 2024
Completion Date – Fall 2024
Construction Cost – $645,000
Description - Reinforce old distribution system with the addition of new water lines, creating redundancy through a water loop system. New water lines will improve aging infrastructure and improve reliability in the historic Sunset Heights neighborhood.

John Hayes 24-inch Waterline

Start Date – January 2024
Completion Date – Summer 2025
Construction Cost – $9,847,583
Description - Waterline extension of approximately 15,610 linear feet of 24-inch ductile iron pipe along John Hayes Street from Montwood Drive to Pellicano Drive. Construction of this waterline is in conjunction with the expansion of John Hayes Street that will connect Far East to East.

Sheridan 16-inch Waterline Replacement

Start Date – March 2024
Completion Date – Fall 2024
Construction Cost – $3,333,370
Description – Sheridan 16-inch Waterline Replacement consists of replacing 7,315 linear feet of existing cast iron waterlines with 6-inch PVC, 8-inch PVC, and 16-inch HDPE pressurized pipe along west of Sheridan Road and Haggerty Road and in between Pike Road and Spur 601.


Wastewater Projects

Mesa Del Castillo Lift Station Improvement

Start Date – January 2024
Completion Date – Fall 2024
Construction Cost – $6,000,000
Description – Installation of 1,074 linear feet of 8-inch gravity sewer line and decommissioning and deconstruction of the Mesa del Castillo lift station.

Gateway West Boulevard and Yarbrough Drive Wastewater Rehabilitation Project

Start Date – May 2024
Completion Date – Winter 2025
Description – Replace existing wastewater main with a new 8-inch PVC main along Gateway West Boulevard and Yarbrough Drive.

Reclaimed Projects

There are no reclaimed water projects under construction at this time.


Stormwater Projects

July 2021 PSB Emergency Resolution Stormwater Projects:

Mesa Park Arroyo
Sam Snead Drainage
Doniphan 2 Pump Station
Magdalena Pond
San Marcos Desilting Basin
High Ridge Channel
Canterbury Channel
Chevron Channel
Clearview Channel
Franklin Crest
New York Channel
Silver Springs
Fort Bliss Sump
Fort Bliss Diversion Conduit


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