Construction Projects

We are El Paso Water, and we are growing by leaps and bounds. Part of dealing with that growth includes working on infrastructure and construction projects. There are 2,653 miles of water lines in El Paso. Our construction projects include continual upgrades, rehabilitation and expansions to our water, wastewater, and reclaimed water and stormwater systems.

Public Notice(s):
Sometimes, construction may cause traffic disruptions or other inconveniences. Please give yourself extra time and be patient as we work to improve our systems.

Water Wastewater Reclaimed Water Stormwater Facilities

Water Projects

Memphis Elevated Water Storage Reservoir

Start Date – Summer 2016
Completion Date – Summer 2018
Cost – $4,400,000
Description – This reservoir will store an additional 2.5 million gallons of water to ensure service to Northeast El Paso neighborhoods during drought and water emergencies.

UPRR 16-inch Water Transmission Main

Start Date – September 2017
Completion Date – Summer 2018
Cost – $2,128,773
Description – This project is part of our efforts to improve the resiliency and reliability of our water system. We are installing over 5,200 linear-feet of 16-inch service lines to existing water meters in the Five Points area.

Canutillo Five Streets Project

Start Date – Winter 2018
Completion Date – Summer 2018
Cost – $1,135,850
Description – El Paso Water will install a new water distribution system and a wastewater collection system to serve customers in this Canutillo neighborhood.


Wastewater Projects

Canutillo Wastewater Vacuum System Replacement

Start Date – Winter 2017
Completion Date – Summer 2018
Cost – $2,000,000
Description – The existing wastewater vacuum collection system will be replaced with a more reliable conventional wastewater gravity collection system.


Reclaimed Projects

There are no reclaimed water projects under construction at this time.

Stormwater Projects

Gateway East Pond Expansion

Start – Fall 2016
Complete – Summer 2018
Cost – $5,117,965
Description –Gateway Pond covers north and south of I-10. EPWater is enlarging the south side of the pond and completing a tunnel under the freeway that connects the two sides. Gateway pond is one of several new ponds that reduce flooding in central El Paso and along I-10.

Kentucky Dam Improvements

Start – Winter 2016
Complete – Spring 2018
Cost – $3,783,650
Description – Kentucky Dam helps control stormwater flows from the Franklin Mountains. Ponds at the dam will be excavated to increase capacity. New concrete flumes will direct water into the dam, and water and sewer lines will be relocated. This project will reduce flooding in central El Paso and along I-10.

Dallas Conduit Clearing

Start – Winter 2017
Complete – Spring 2018
Cost – $1,295,186
Description – The Dallas Conduit carries stormwater to a reservoir located under the freeway at the intersection of Cotton Street and I-10. Trash and debris accumulate on utility lines that cross through the culvert. This project will remove the utility lines to increase the capacity of the conduit.

Grand Teton Drive Ponding Area

Start – Spring 2016
Complete – Summer 2018
Cost – $1,295,186
Description – A detention pond east of the North Mesa Street/Castellano Drive intersection will capture stormwater and debris to reduce flooding for downstream properties.

West Hills Unit 23 Storm System Improvements

Start – Winter 2017
Complete – Summer 2018
Cost – $1,600,000
Description – The West Hills area will see improvements with the addition of several inlets and trench drains. The project also includes the addition of storm pipe to existing ponds in the area.

Bear Ridge Channel Improvements

Start – Winter 2017
Complete – Summer 2018
Cost – $1,200,000
Description – The existing channel experienced major damage during a July 2015 rain event. Temporary repairs were made at the time. This project will implement permanent repairs and improvements to the channel to reduce and control the velocity of stormwater in the channel.

Thomas Manor Park Pond Improvements

Start – Spring 2018
Complete – Winter 2019
Cost – $5,646,125
Description – The existing park and ponding area will be reconstructed to create a dual-purpose park-pond. This project is in partnership with the City of El Paso and the Ysleta Independent School District. 



There are no facilities under construction at this time. 

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